COVID-19 information
COVID-19 information
The current Covid-19 global situation requires establishing guidelines so that the reopening of hotels does not increase the risk of contagion, as well as establishing protection measures among clients. For this reason, it has been agreed to coordinate and homogenic protocol against Covid-19 based on the World Health Organization (WHO). Therefore, this document gathers requirements and recommendations that will be applied on our property.

  • An action plan should be created in line with recommendations, policies and procedures set by local and national Public Health authorities to prevent, manage and mitigate the impact of COVID-19
  • Supervision by a Crisis Team involving members of each relevant department can support Management. It is necessary to be alert to any unusual rise in worker absenteeism, especially those due to acute respiratory infections, possibly caused by COVID-19.
  • Sufficient human and economic resources are made available to ensure the action plan’s effective implementation.
  • Management should inform and train all departments of the measures to be adopted that could protect their health and that of others.
  • If a guest or staff develops symptoms, efforts should immediately be made to minimize contact of the ill person with all guests and staff of the establishment.
  • They should be capable of informing guests about the establishment’s policy in terms of the preventive measures established in the hotel.
  • Reception desk staff must take all necessary precautions, including physical distancing.
  • Monitoring of guests who are possibly ill, should have immediately available the telephone numbers of the health authorities, medical centers, public and private hospitals, and assistance centers for use whenever there is the possibility that a guest may present symptoms.
  • It is necessary to maintain the concentration of disinfectant in water for consumption and in pools or spas within the limits recommended according to international norms and standards.
  • The proper functioning of the dishwashing and laundry equipment should be checked, particularly the operating temperatures, as well as the correct dosage of cleaning and disinfecting chemicals.
  • The proper functioning of Air conditioning, ventilation, air exchange, and dehumidification equipment of covered pools should be checked.
  • All dispensers should be regular checked to ensure the proper functioning of soap and disinfectant solution dispensers, hand dryers, disposable tissue dispensers, and other similar devices. Defective units should be rapidly repaired or replaced.
  • Staff should kindly remind guests when entering and leaving the restaurant, breakfast, or dining room to disinfect their hands with disinfectant gel, preferably located at the entrance to those facilities.
  • At the buffets, guests should avoid handling food. The parts more in contact with the hands of users, should be cleaned and disinfected at least after each service and more often if necessary.
  • All dishes, silverware, and glassware should be washed and disinfected in a dishwashing machine, including items that have not been used, as they might have been in contact with the hands of guests or staff.
  • Table setting shall be arranged such that the distance from the back of one chair to the back of another chair shall be more than 1 m apart and that guests face each other from a distance of at least 1 m.
  • Special consideration should be given to the application of cleaning and disinfection measures in common areas (restrooms, halls, corridors, lifts, etc.) as a general preventive measure during the entire COVID-19 epidemic.
  • Service staff may require additional training in the preparation, handling, application, and storage of these products, mostly bleach, which may be at a higher concentration that usual.
  • Textiles, linens, and clothes should be put in special, marked laundry bags and handled carefully to prevent raising dust, with consequent potential contamination of surrounding surfaces or people.