At Patios de la Cartuja we want those who come to our tourist apartments in the center of Seville to be as satisfied as possible. For this reason, we propose a series of activities to be carried out to make this visit as productive as possible.

We want to highlight the wide range of cultural activities in our city, the sample being so wide that sometimes it will seem to you that you need more time to enjoy them as they deserve.

Beyond the obligatory visits to the Museum of Fine Arts or the Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art, there are other small rooms where artists of great magnitude are also reflected.

In this case we want to talk about an exhibition, free of charge, at the La Buhaira Civic Center. Sun (and) age is a sample of Elvira Martos. Available from February 3 to 14, this set of paintings reflects how the author sees Andalusia. It is a reflection of the expressive Andalusia through the eyes of the oldest. With Sol (and) age, this author tries to go beyond the vision of folklore that is known in Andalusia. Each of his paintings are a reflection of the color and joy of this place, as well as an opportunity to get to know more closely the lives of those who star in them. At all times loneliness is reflected but from a different point of view than that normally shown to us.

For all those who wish to meet a top-class Sevillian artist, we inform you about this exhibition and its characteristics. If you are passing through Andalusia this could be an opportunity to get to know a different face of this place. The good connection with the rest of the city from our tourist apartments in the center of Seville will allow you to know any part of the Andalusian capital at all times.