Seville is a city full of green areas. The good weather and the large number of sunny days makes walking around it one of the best possible activities. It has 14 landscaped square meters per inhabitant. You can see a large number of trees in streets and squares, flooding every corner of it.

The Maria Luisa Park
It is one of the most outstanding parks on the planet. It has great beauty and quality in its constructions. If you come to our tourist apartments in the center of Seville you must know it on a mandatory basis. It has the pavilions of the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929, including the Plaza de España on its land. This wonderful place is the work of the landscaper Forestier and the architect Aníbal González.

Magallanes Park
Due to the V Centenary of the I Round the World the city inaugurated a new green space. Its charm lies not only in its flora, but also in the chosen location. Located on the banks of the Guadalquivir, this place has very close to the highest point of the city, Torre Sevilla and the Navigation Pavilion.

Other areas of interest
Located in Los Remedios, near the venue where the April Fair is held, the Parque de los Príncipes is located. It has a most elegant design. A large number of activities take place throughout the year, which is why its active role stands out.
It is also possible to visit other places such as the Prado Gardens. It hosts multiple activities that attract all citizens on different occasions. They stand out for having a unique location.
The Paseo de Catalina de Ribera or the Jardines de Murillo allow you to take a break during your visit to Seville. In Patios de la Cartuja we recommend that if you are passing through the city take advantage to also see its green areas. One of the most curious options is the Jardines de la Buhaira. Here it is intended to recover the ancient Arab orchards. Being a very curious phenomenon.
The possible options are different from our tourist apartments in the center of Seville. When choosing, you will have to adapt these types of stops to the places you want to visit. In most of them there are truly beautiful areas to spend a good time walking, taking a break or eating. Live the most natural part of Seville like never before.