The arrival of a new summer month brings with it multiple alternatives in the city of Seville. From our tourist apartments in the center of Seville we want to propose you some of the most popular options for those who pass through the city.
In Patios de la Cartuja we have facilities located in a unique location. This makes being able to enjoy all the activities carried out in central areas much easier.

The Charity Hospital at night
You can see works by Murillo, Pedro Roldán or Maraña in the middle of the night. The Hospital de la Caridad is one of those places full of charm. Illuminated with the light of the lamps, you will know all the corners of this historical building that has amazed so many. Without a doubt, one of the most interesting options for art lovers.

Enchanted Seville
If yours is the mystery, this opportunity is unique for you to learn about the most curious events that have happened in the place. As your Santa Cruz tour progresses, a guide will tell you some of the scariest stories about Jews, Arabs, Romans, and Christians. It has 15 stops for you to meet some of the most famous ghosts in the city.

Heading to Nao Victoria Lovers of sailing is more than necessary to make a stop at Nao Victoria. This ship is a replica of the original, being the most important in history. It is a most complete experience, since it joins the Nao Victoria Foundation and the First Around the World Space. You can also enjoy a theatrical and night tour behind closed doors where you can learn first-hand about the most important events.

Magic Island
The amusement park reopens on Saturday, July 4. Enjoy the attractions always following the necessary measures. An adrenaline rush for those who want to make the visit to our tourist apartments in the center of Seville even more exciting. It is one of the most famous point in the city, ideal whether you are traveling with friends or family.

Visit to the María Luisa Park dramatized
Throughout the summer it will be possible to establish a direct connection with the 19th century. The María Luisa Park will be the ideal setting to enjoy the dramatized visits where there will be no shortage of theatrical scenes from the life and work of the Bécquer Brothers. All this without forgetting some of its verses and curiosities. A unique experience for those who want to meet these influential figures in Spanish literature.

Toulouse Lautrec at CaixaForum Sevilla
You have all summer to see this magnificent exhibition that represents the artist's production and the harmony with others of his time. Paris in the late 19th century was most varied, getting to know Toulouse Lautrec's work in depth and how it ended up influencing other greats in the art world.

Saint Louis of the French
Cultural Gears has been the organization in charge of making a visit at sunset in San Luis de los Franceses. In it you can discover a differentiating and somewhat curious element: metallic mirrors. Through the tour you will be able to know how the reflections in the architecture allow to build and deconstruct spaces. Throughout the entire tour you will see how colors, lights and shapes change completely.

There are multiple options that a city as complete as Seville offers. There are also those who choose to know some of its closest towns, being a most attractive plan if you want to see archaeological sites or castles, among many other options. Enjoy the summer in Seville!