The Seville province has a large number of towns full of beauty. As of May 25, it is possible to take a tour of some of the most spectacular corners and closest to the capital. Being able to move freely and without hours makes it much easier to be able to change places with complete peace of mind. Seville offers multiple opportunities for all those who want to discover the great number of faces that the province has. Visit these authentic jewels to get to know a little more about their history, tradition and different monuments they have. From our tourist apartments in the center of Seville we want to encourage you to take a look at what is closest to us. One of the most interesting places is Osuna, this city is characterized by its gastronomy. Known worldwide for her appearance in Game of Thrones, Osuna was the scene of several of the scenes that were filmed in Spain for this world-famous series. In addition, it has a large amount of heritage and culture. You have to be very attentive while you go through it, so you can see each of the elements that make it up and at the same time show you part of its fantastic history. In turn, Utrera is a place characterized by its influence on flamenco. Characterized by its proximity to Seville, it is a most attractive place to let yourself go. It is located on the banks of the Guadalquivir, with a most beautiful historical center. Take a walk through the Plaza del Altozano, one of the most typical places in the city. In this square you can try the mostachones, a characteristic sweet of Utrera. Finally, we recommend Marchena. It has all the charm of the past, it has not lost even a little. In addition to having a large number of archaeological remains throughout the municipality, it also has the most outstanding Historical and Artistic Heritage. This place has a lot of secrets to discover. Seville It is one of the most spectacular provinces of Andalusia. FromPatios de la Cartuja we invite you to get to know it to the fullest. Take the opportunity and discover all its secrets.